About Grass SA

Grass SA is an organization that provides clients access to a multi-disciplinary platform of specialists and specialist services relating to natural veld management, cultivated pastures, forage production and land reclamation. These services play an imperative role in the growth and development of the livestock and wildlife industry. Grass SA can additionally support any industry that uses grass species for any specific purpose.

Grass SA supports its members with quick relevant information to address any specific management challenge and/or opportunities pertaining to natural veld management, cultivated pastures, forage production and the interrelationships of grasses with soil, water, climate, livestock, wildlife (herbivores) or any other land uses.

Grass SA’s specialists are qualified, experienced and well respected professionals in the country and abroad. They are trained in various aspects related to veld and pasture management. Fields of expertise range from pasture and forage establishment, grazing management, fodder flow planning, applied research, monitoring and assessments for the animal (dairy, beef, sheep, horse, wildlife) production industry.

Our Vision

Continually improve the knowledge base of the interrelationships of:

  • natural veld,
  • cultivated pastures and forages with
    • soils,
    • water,
    • livestock,
    • wildlife and
    • other environmental elements

in a socially acceptable, economically and environmentally sustainable way.

Our Mission

To educate:

  • support and
  • financially strengthen

whoever requires knowledge on the:

  • science and management of natural veld,
  • cultivated pastures and
  • all forages for
    • livestock and
    • wildlife production as well as
    • land reclamation.

The Management Team

Me. Annami Bruwer

Me Annami Bruwer

Chief Operating Officer
Mr Len Truter

Mr Len Truter

Research Farm Manager
Me. Mona van Staden

Me Mona van Staden

Administrative Systems Manager
Me. Retha Geldenhuys

Me. Retha Geldenhuys

Technical Team Liaison

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